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Eganville Dry Cleaning Service, Tailor Alterations and Canada Goose Dry Cleaning

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Eganville Dry Cleaning Service, Tailor Alterations and Canada Goose Dry Cleaning

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Leather and Suede

Mid Town Cleaners partners with professional and qualified specialists to clean, restore, re-dye and water repel your garments keeping them in shape for years. Whether your suede or leather clothing simply needs a cleaning, or it needs to be repaired, redyed and conditioned, we have the experience and connections necessary for getting you garments back into top condition. As leather is a animal skin a customer release may be required in some cases.

If your suede and leather clothing is in need of work, bring it into Mid Town Cleaners today.

Are suede and leather cleaned the same way as other fabrics?

No, suede and leather cleaning is a very specialized process. These materials cannot be subjected to the same cleaning agents and methods, and leather and suede cleaners therefore need special training in the proper techniques. Leather and suede need to be treated using cleaning products that are pH balanced for their unique composition. Commonly used cleaning products for other fabrics can cause severe damage to leather and suede.

Do you condition my suede and leather?

Yes. Leathers have natural oil content that help to keep them soft and supple. The oil content diminishes over time, and this can cause the leather to dry out and crack. Conditioning the leather replenishes these oils and vastly increases the lifespan of your leather garments.

Is it possible to repair scuffs, scratches, and tears?

Yes. Here at Mid Town Cleaners we have years of experience in leather care, and we can have fixed almost any damage done to leather and suede garments. We have all the necessary connections and expertise to repair and refurbish your leather and suede clothing. With proper care from experienced craftspeople, your leather and suede will be revitalized and restored to you looking like new.

Can you repair and restore all types of leather?

Yes. From untreated leather to pigmented leather, we have contacts who have the expertise and equipment to repair and restore all types.